The Ups And Downs Of Tesla Service!

This video was meant to be posted before my 2020.4.1 video but its aim was to detail my third Tesla Service appointment which didn’t go too well but I managed to get to the bottom of my Autopilot issues thanks to a post on Twitter!

My service appointment was booked for existing Autopilot issues however when I arrived I was there to get a wheel replaced?! I corrected the appointment and also added the point of my rear spoiler coming lose a little.

In summary, my wheel was replaced (again?!), spoiler taped down again and no fault found with Autopilot! What the?! However, a friendly tweet from Greg Wester on Twitter helped me get the Autopilot issue fixed once and for all!

Start from the beginning if you want to see my service appointment 3 dilemma and if you want to see the fix to my Autopilot issues jump to 11:45.

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