OMG – Model 3 is officially down under!

Maybe it’s an omen, I posted my latest Powerwall 2 and solar stats earlier today. This afternoon, Model 3 configurations opened here in Australia and I’ve already ordered!

So, what did I go with? I was going back and forth over colors for many months, predominantly between Deep Blue Metallic and Midnight Silver. However, after seeing the Pearl White on a mates Model S this won me over.

I ordered:

  • Model 3 Long Range All-Wheel Drive Performance
  • Pearl White Paint
  • Performance Upgrade
  • 20’’ Performance Wheels
  • Performance Brakes
  • Carbon Fibre Spoiler
  • Performance Pedals
  • All Black Premium Interior
  • Autopilot

I left off full self driving for the moment, mainly because Tesla recently advised the cost is the same before and after. If I add it now it bumps up the amount of taxes I need to pay on the car and most of the functionality in Australia under FSD hasn’t been approved yet.

I used my mates referral code in order to get 1500km of free supercharging, I definitely urge anyone buying to ensure you use anyones referral code to also receive the bonus. If you feel my content has helped you make a decision to buy a Model 3, please consider using mine –

I’ll continue to keep you in the loop once my order progresses but feel free to follow the Twitter hashtag #Model3AU to keep in touch with the rest Tesla Australian Twitter community.


Author: Adam

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