My January electricity bill just arrived…

January 2019 self-powered performance.

I must admit, seeing my electricity bill arrive in my email was always a dreaded “crap, what’s the damage going to be this time?!” type episode but thankfully since solar and Powerwall 2’s it’s quite the opposite.

January is always a brutal month in our house, kids are on school holidays, more console time, more television time and in my case; more air-conditioning time! I’m also a home based worker so naturally we’re going to consume more power across the year, especially with servers and other networking gear always running.

So, lets have a look at my usage for the month before we get into the dollars and cents.

There you have it, quite an increase of usage since December which also involved more usage from my Powerwall’s and unfortunately less energy sent to the grid. As per December, lets look at what my bill would have looked like without Solar and Powerwall’s

Daily Supply Charge – $0.924 per day * 31 = $28.64
Power Usage (from grid) – $0.3179 per kWh * 1015 = $322.67
Total bill = $351.31 – Ugh, for a month!

Enter Solar and Powerwall’s!

Daily Supply Charge – $0.924 per day * 31 = $28.64
Power Usage (from grid) – $0.3179 per kWh * 4.6 = $1.46
Solar Credits (to grid) – $0.20 per kWh * 586 – ($62.60)
Total bill = ($32.50) – that’s a little better!

That’s a total turnaround of $383.81! I’ll take that when you also add the savings of $385.35 from December.

I’ll take 100% self-sufficiency for a month any day!

Thanks as always for reading and check back regularly for more blog posts on everything solar, Tesla, Powerwall and energy efficiency!


Author: Adam

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