First Australian Model 3 deliveries due mid 2019

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When I saw the below tweet a couple of weeks ago, I must admit I got very very excited. The UK surely has more reservations to get through compared to Australia but would we see similar time-frames for deliveries down under?

UK based @EVMaps confirming some thoughts on UK model 3 deliveries. Source, Twitter/@EVMaps

For those of you following this blog you’ll note I’ve been chasing Tesla for my missing Loot Box and ability to provide referrals to potential customers. Funnily enough, a month into working through this with Tesla, it has been confirmed overnight that the referral program is ending February 1st. D’oh.

During this troubleshooting, I’ve been able to talk to a bunch of people around Tesla, from Energy Inside Sales, the Tier 1/2 Energy Support Teams, Technical Support Operations, Model S/X Sales and Support. During my last call with the Tesla Motors team, I asked a very simple question: When will we look to see Model 3 deliveries in Australia. To my surprise I was greeted with a very quick answer – mid 2019.

I’m sure when I replied to this answer there was a slight high pitch and gasp of excitement. My follow up question to this was around the reservation time-frames. I’m assuming we will see configuration emails sent out a few months before? The answer was yes.

If we look at the configuration emails recently sent out to left hand drive vehicles throughout Europe, delivery times were quoted as 3 months after configuration so my estimates is we will see configuration emails go out sometime in March.

So there you have it, I wouldn’t take this post as gospel but it seems that Tesla Australia are quoting middle of the year deliveries. I heard a rumor that Australia has some 15,000 Model 3 reservations, this could be off but was a number I had seen passed around.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback, are you excited to see configuration emails go out? Thanks for reading!


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